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Advantages of Dry Stacked Stone Walls

dry stacked stone walls marietta georgia

Stone walls add a timeless beauty to your landscape. If built properly, dry stacked stone walls will last for hundred of years with no maintenance.

"Our hardscaping is a combination of mortared and dry stacked stone designed and installed by Mario Da Silva with European Stone. While all of our stone walls and columns are beautiful, our favorite walls are stacked stone. Stacked stone walls look so natural and the color is stunning. Plants growing out of the crevices and the moss growing on the stones add to their beauty. Our walls look like they have been on our property forever." Betty M. - Marietta, Georgia

There are many advantages for choosing dry stacked stone walls for your next landscaping project:
  1. Stacked stone walls become stronger over time as interlocking stones and gravity settles the walls.

  2. A perfect choice for drainage problems because these walls naturally seep water without the need for costly drainage systems.

  3. Stone walls won’t fade and their beauty is only enhanced by time.

  4. Construction of a stacked stone wall can be done in almost any weather because there’s no mortar and the materials are all natural.

  5. Small plants and flowers can be planted in the crevices of your wall which add to its beauty.

  6. European Stone knows how to encourage moss to grow on your stone walls to make your walls appear ageless

  7. Stacked stone walls are the environmentalist’s choice because the materials are non-toxic and 100% recyclable.
The only requirement for a well built stacked stone wall is finding a qualified, experienced stone artisan. Mario Da Silva was trained by master stone artisans in Portugal. He is a landscape artist and has 18+ years of experience building stacked stone walls that have endured the test of time.

Estimate Dry Stacked
Stone Walls:

Length X Height X $14.00 Sq Ft

Materials & Labor Included

Please contact European Stone today by email or at 770-780-1411 for a price quote on stacked stone walls for your landscape.

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Advantages of Dry Stacked Stone Walls. Learn about the benefits from a master stone mason.
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